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    Python Updates 5/2/17
  1. Youbot v1.1 released
  2. Youbot v1.1 BETA released
  3. Youbot v1.0 released
  4. Bug fixed
  5. Youbot v1.0 BETA released
  6. trending command updated
  7. remind command updated
  8. Youtube playlist downloader updated
  9. Bug fixed: Channel name searcher
  10. Interactive UI created
    Website Updates 15/1/17
  1. Finalized website content
  2. Added features section
  3. Webpage created

"Your smart Youtube bot"

Youtube contains so much of data that for specific purpose we can manipulate those data to give much better performance. Focusing on this concept Youbot is created which covers up all these main points and help user to interact to these data and saving loads of time. Its like your bot will work for you and all you need to do is to judge whether you want information related this or not

Youbot is your smart bot which will help you to access Youtube data in much interesting way. It is a Python based program which scrape data to get information and then manipulate those data so that it can be served in much better way.

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How it works